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Ewer Advisory.

Finding the right path.

Do you have a business that will be impacted by future regulation? Your top management is not being heard by political decision-makers? You want to enter into a dialog with politicians and officials? You are looking for experts who understand the world of politics and will really represent your interests?

Then you don’t need a large international consultancy with big names. Or a network agency. Instead, you need an individual, well-connected boutique public affairs consultancy that thinks strategically, has the right approaches, and has a deep understanding of your interests and is fully committed to them. As if they were their own. That is precisely what Ewer Advisory is.

Understanding interrelationships.

Representing interests sustainably.

At Ewer Advisory, we see ourselves as an experienced navigator, providing individual advice and relevant services to support our clients’ strategic interests in Berlin and Brussels politics in the long term. 

As a specialized, boutique public affairs consultancy we have a deep understanding of political processes and the ability to initiate relevant dialogues and shape outcomes for our clients. Our clients’ success is what counts for us. 

A strategy is good.

A successful implementation is even better.

We are convinced that public affairs work is only successful when it is integrated into the strategic work of the company and is represented authentically. We make you an active player.  

The latest insights quickly flow into your strategic work through our extensive and agile network. By providing your leadership team with personal, direct advice and guidance, we help you anticipate the changing political landscape and respond as needed. 

However, no one benefits from a strategy that is only on paper. That’s why it’s all the more important for us to define key tasks and milestones for the implementation, so that we can then drive them toward the results with full force and focus. This is how we understand modern public affairs consulting. 

"Our vital and active network includes the political decision-makers of today and tomorrow. Our clients thus enter into dialogue with the relevant areas of federal politics."

Tobias Kempermann, CEO & Founder

Nothing less than excellence.

That's what we stand for.

As a consultancy, we very consciously define ourselves as a boutique public affairs firm. After all, this is precisely what we aspire to: individual, personal consulting, customized solutions, and a deep knowledge of Berlin and Brussels politics. 

Public Affairs

Politics is influencing business activities to a growing extent. Navigating complex structures and interests is becoming increasingly challenging. We work with you to find the most efficient path and pursue a clear course. 

Political Coaching

Politics is our natural habitat. We see ourselves as interpreters of the complex interrelationships and help you to bring all these strands together. 

Political Relocation Advisory

We understand the complexity of Germany’s federal system. We help you to navigate political Berlin if you have been sent to the city from abroad for your company or your country and bear political responsibility. 

Ewer Advisory: What you can expect.

And much more.


At Ewer Advisory, we see ourselves as a modern boutique public affairs consultancy. Our passion is combining strategic excellence with operational agility. And we are extremely well connected in Germany and Europe. 

Thanks to many years of experience and in-depth sector-specific expertise, Ewer Advisory is a recognized partner in the successful implementation of its clients’ ambitious goals. 


As a specialized consultancy, we are focused exclusively on the political world. Lean, powerful structures and efficient processes are part of our identity as a modern, agile boutique public affairs consultancy.


Our vital network, active across all party lines, includes the key political decision-makers of today and tomorrow. This enables our clients to engage in dialogue with all areas of federal politics relevant to them be it in parties, ministries, or administration.

Tobias Kempermann.

Strategic networker with passion.

Tobias Kempermann

CEO & Founder

Tobias Kempermann has been supporting companies, institutions, and individuals as a political consultant for almost 20 years.
With his modern understanding of public affairs, Kempermann provides his clients with the necessary recognition and voice in Berlin and Brussels politics.
He is known across party lines as a trustworthy interlocutor and outstanding expert.

In Berlin and Brussels, he successfully represents the political interests of well-known national and international companies.
Kempermann sits on the advisory board of an international family office. 
He is also involved in various international organizations on an honorary basis. He is a member of the executive board of the German-Russian Young Leaders Conference. He is an alumnus of the International Visitors Leadership Program of the US State Department and is an active member of the Friends of the Aspen Institute.